Jackie Suarez


Jackie partners with the management team in developing, leading and directing company objectives and initiatives. She manages all HR programs, from recruiting, benefits, compensation and personnel development programs to developing corporate values and company culture.

Jackie says she loves her work because no day looks the same. “You are constantly working with different people within and outside of your company,” she explains. “I love being the bridge between employee and employer and helping make the employee experience as positive as possible.”
Jackie began her HR career at Crate and Barrel in Dallas, a job she loved. She moved to Seattle in 1994 during the dotcom boom and went to work for a “hip high-tech company” called Active Voice. Jackie later moved to Envision Telephony, where she worked for nearly 10 years before coming to UpTop.

She says her first Seattle job cemented her love of tech companies. “I will never forget that it had a slide from the 5th floor, where the development team was, down to the 4th floor where my office was,” she says. “I mean how much cooler could things have gotten? This was my introduction to tech companies in Seattle – I was staying!”

Jackie has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Southern Methodist University, as well as a Professional in Human Resources certificate.