Apple Stores Feature UpTop App Diptic as Nationwide Demo for New iPhones

Diptic in the app store

Beginning November 27 and continuing on through the holiday season, Apple’s retail locations will have millions of customers filing into their stores worldwide wanting to take a gander at the intriguing products they have to offer.

With the iPhone being the most popular camera (according to Flickr usage stats), Apple recently took the opportunity to showcase what the App Store has to offer in the photography category by placing UpTop’s own Diptic app on all iPhone demo units in their U.S. and the U.K. retail locations.

This could mean good things for the popular photography app in the next month as the 2015 holiday season is expected to bring in over $616 billion in sales – more users being exposed to, and testing, the app on Apple’s most popular device (iPhone sales alone account for more than 60 percent of Apple’s revenue).

Check out the app next time you’re in or near your local Apple store!