With PowPopFX, Become a Ventriloquist in Seconds

Apple Watch App - PowPopFX - Find My Phone

At UpTop, we are always looking to learn and test on new platforms, devices and frameworks so that we can stay up to date on industry trends. We put our knowledge to the test with our latest project PowPopFX, an application conceived, designed and developed in-house for the Apple Watch.

The PowPopFX Watch app gives the user the ability to make one of 60 sounds come out of your iPhone’s speakers. With PowPopFX, it’s like your Watch is the ventriloquist and your iPhone is the dummy. You can choose from the growler, the “thunk” sound of a deadweight hitting the ground or the sound of a scandalized chicken, among many others. (Yes, scandalized chicken really is its name and it fits perfectly.)

Once the Watch’s motion data is available to developers, we’ll expand the app from its current functionality and give users the ability to trigger sounds based on wrist motion and hand gestures. I’m thinking of something like a college campus boffer war with sound effects. Until that feature is available, app users can have fun surprising people with remote sound effects. Until that feature is available, app users can easily navigate the app to send the sound to their iPhone. The 60 sounds included in the app’s launch will be grouped into six packs of 10 sounds each. Two packs will be part of the base installation, while the other four packs will be available for purchase.

Apple Watch Apps - PowPopFX - Find My Phone

Not only is PowPopFX fun and games, but it also solves the problem of “Where the heck did I leave my phone?” We’ve all done it and we’ve all said it – sometimes with stronger language. Sure, you could pick up another phone and call yourself, but what if there’s no other phone to call from? With this app – on the Watch that’s on your wrist and thus, harder to lose – you can play an alert that causes your lost iPhone to make a sound. Say you’re rushing for the bus (though you won’t be rushing if you have our BusMe Watch app), no need to frantically search for your phone while losing precious time. With the new PowPopFX app, you can calmly put on your coat, sound the alert on your Watch, grab your iPhone and stroll to the bus stop.

The Apple Watch and the iPhone can easily connect over Bluetooth or WiFi (Apple software determines which connectivity method is best and uses that). We expect the distance that these two can still communicate with to be anywhere from 50 feet to several hundred feet. However, we won’t know for sure until we test it.

With PowPopFX, pick a sound and throw it. Have fun!

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