Is Your eCommerce Website Working for You?

The importance of your website in relation to business strategy cannot be understated in today’s digital economy. Potential customers will look to your website for evidence of trustworthiness, competence, superior products and services. Is your company doing all it can to optimize the user experience?

Take this quiz to see how well you rank! 

  1. To what degree does your organization incorporate usability testing? 
    1. Since the inception of the website or for any change in pricing, goods, services or design.
    2. Only when there is a substantial increase or decrease of revenue or traffic to the site.
    3. When we’re working on some ideas we’d like to examine further.
    4. Tests? Who has time or budget for those?
  2. How well is your mobile strategy integrated with your website?
    1. We have an entirely separate mobile application, but similar in design to the website.
    2. There is a mobile-friendly version of our website but no stand-alone app.
    3. We’re currently in the development stages for a mobile-friendly rollout.
    4. I’m not sure; can I borrow your phone for a minute?
  3. Is your landing page/home page designed to retain visitors?
    1. Yes. It loads in under two seconds, isn’t too heavy on copy, and features visual trust indicators (such as BBB certification) and an intuitive navigation bar.
    2. I think so. It usually loads pretty quickly and has a lot of good content, but you do have to scroll down below the fold to see our call to action.
    3. Maybe. It’s hard to tell whether all that copy is helping or hurting. We’ve got an auto-loading video, will that help?
    4. If someone is checking out my website, they’re there for a reason already, right?
  4. Are you engaging users across all possible channels of communication?
    1. We link to all our social media sites, feature live on-site chat support, email newsletters and department directories with phone numbers and email addresses for employees.
    2. We have a Facebook page, email chain and top-notch, toll-free customer support.
    3. We give out coupons at the store. Can we do that online too?
    4. We have a 30-second spot on channel 5.
  5. How should a user navigate your site?
    1. There is a golden path through the sales funnel from landing page to checkout that provides add on product suggestions as users get closer to the end of the funnel.
    2. The different parts of the site are separate and don’t link users from one page to another in any logical order.
    3. All you need to do is scroll down the landing page/website, it’s all there.
    4. Our page is just informational; there is no call to action.
  6. How is content utilized on your website?
    1. There are videos, testimonials, reviews and a blog that is regularly updated.
    2. Besides basic product and category descriptions, we have a blog where we post content when we feel we have relevant news.
    3. Straight to the point: bulleted product descriptions.
    4. Less is more. We like to do the talking ourselves.
  7. Does your checkout/purchase page put customers at ease?
    1. Yes, we highlight BBB accreditation, security badges, offer free shipping and allow shoppers to make purchases as guests to avoid unnecessary registration.
    2. There were security badges and BBB accreditation on the checkout page. As far as shipping goes, that’s just the price of doing business. At least there’s no login required.
    3. Once you register as a user on the site, you can make as many purchases as you want.
    4. Just have a little faith!

Now all you need to do is tally your points to see how your site stacks up!

For every answer you marked “a,” give yourself four points; “b,” three points; “c,” two points; and ”d,” one point.

0-7 points: Your site is likely losing many visitors before they even learn about your company. Failure to provide an intuitive website demonstrates a lack of trustworthiness, halting users in their tracks.

8-14 points: You may retain some customers if they come looking for you, and you alone, but your site isn’t doing much to convince the uninitiated to stay and learn more about your products/services.

15-21 points: You’re well on your way to having a great website. Make a few adjustments and you could see a great improvement in conversions and revenue.

22-28 points: Your website is likely making your job a whole lot easier! Remember that it takes time to establish an online presence to the point where it drives significant revenue results. Keep it up, you’re doing great!