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Digital Transformation: Implement UX Best Practices From the Start

Any digital transformation initiative that doesn’t take the user experience (UX) into account is setting itself up for failure. Without a clear user workflow, there is no way to achieve even modest efficiency and productivity goals. A purely tools-based approach will never reach its true potential. That’s because there is more to success than productivity […]
Design Sprint

Improve Team Strategy with Design Sprinting

Coming up with fresh, innovative ideas isn’t always easy. Real creativity can often seem just out of reach, or something that only gifted visionaries are capable of. But creativity is a skill that can be improved. It is not, as the Ancient Greeks believed, a kind of “divine madness” that only a few lucky people […]

UpTop’s Ideal UX Process

No one day at a design agency is the same, especially here at UpTop. Every project that comes in is different, and every client is unique. Requirements, timelines, and budgets swirl like the wind. You can imagine why it’s so difficult to practice an ideal UX process, when the only constant is change. Despite all […]