Time for a change: Look Beyond the Status Quo With Modern UX Design

When we want to kick back and do some serious navel-gazing about design, we often wander over to Fast Company’s Co.Design site for inspiration and entertainment. That’s where we recently found this excellent little gem, parked amid headlines such as “How ‘The Simpsons’ Fixed Apple’s iPhone Keyboard” and “Watch A Girl Age into an Old Woman Before Your Eyes.”

Robert Safian, editor and managing director of Fast Company, presents a compelling list of 10 lessons for design-driven success and illustrates each of them with specific examples from corporations such as Samsung, Target, Burberry and Apple (‘natch!). It’s a fun and educational read, but what caught my eye was Safian’s summary of what constitutes good design.

Good design, he writes, “is really about problem solving that offers a more sophisticated perspective on modern business challenges than traditional spreadsheet-based approaches. You could go to consulting firms like McKinsey and get an answer based on established business models. Or you could go to one of the rising design firms … and maybe you’d come up with something never before seen.”

Nailed it! Today’s modern design isn’t about the status quo. It’s about envisioning how to engage and  empower users through the brand experience. Safian’s article reinforces that.