UpTop UX Design Team Participates in the Pronto Cycle Share Data Challenge

To celebrate their first birthday, Pronto Cycle Share created a data visualization challenge by publicly releasing the data from their first year of operation. The goal of the challenge was to encourage others to create visualizations of the data in hopes of revealing interesting user patterns. With this general guideline, along with references to similar contests that have taken place in other cities, the UpTop Design Team came together to step up to the challenge.

After coming up with many different solutions, the designers had to narrow it down to one. They chose to tell the story of Bike to Work Day (May 15, 2015) with an infographic revealing the different data points centered around this day.

The infographic visualizes total Pronto trips that day, riders’ demographic and geographic information and a nightingale graph showcasing the total trips per station within each neighborhood of Seattle.

UpTop's Pronto Data Visualization
UpTop’s Pronto Data Visualization – View full size PDF

This project used the following tools: