We’re pleased to welcome new talent to our design and development teams

We are proud and excited to announce that UpTop is growing with the addition of three new staff members to our design and development team in Seattle.

Michael Woo, who established his UX and UI design chops at Big Fish Games, joins the firm as a senior user experience (UX) designer. Chris Barcroft and Bryce Wilson have joined the firm as senior software developer and front-end developer, respectively.

Seattle is a very competitive market for design and development talent. We think it’s a real testament to our clients and our company that we have been able to attract three new staff members that are the caliber of Michael, Chris and Bryce.

Before joining UpTop, Michael spent nearly six years as the lead senior designer for UX and user interface (UI) design at Big Fish Games, one of the industry’s leading providers of Internet media delivery services and game services. Prior to Big Fish, he worked at Microsoft, Nokia and Real Networks.

Prior to joining UpTop, Chris worked as an API technical specialist at Seattle-based DocuSign, developing custom API integrations for a variety of clients and technologies.

Bryce worked as lead developer for Clocktower Media before joining UpTop, working on web design and development projects for clients such as Gravitec, Pagliacci and I5 Design.