Website Optimization and Improved Purchase Flow  

An Industry Leader in Identity Protection

IdentityForce is a leading provider of proactive identity, privacy, and credit protection for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. For more than 35 years they have consistently delivered best-in-class personal security solutions. IdentityForce backs companies, individuals, and their families with a highly trained and experienced team of committed professionals. IdentityForce is a GSA approved Federal Government contractor, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. In 2012, IdentityForce launched their B-to-C services and created an affiliate program.

In conjunction with the new B-to-C focus, the IdentityForce website was redesigned and launched approximately one year ago, in collaboration with UpTop.

Project Info

E-commerce, Website, Mobile
User Experience Design,  Research Website Assessment,  User Behavior Monitoring, Analytics Development, Responsive Design Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Review
“The UpTop team conducted an in depth analysis of our online purchasing flow in order to determine opportunities to increase our overall conversion rates. We found their work to be insightful and diligent as not only they determined key usability disruptions in our 3-5 page funnel but they also provided valuable insight into the entire purchasing process.”
—  Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, IdentityForce

Insight and Action in Tandem  

IdentityForce had a desire to improve their website by optimizing the sales funnel and purchase flow. They were looking for a partner that could help them analyze and assess their website, provide recommendations that would result in improved conversion rates and ideally, a partner who could implement those recommendations as well.

At the beginning of the project, UpTop performed a thorough analysis of the website in order to identify weak spots that were potentially damaging to IdentityForce’s sales. After carefully assessing a wide variety of user metrics and analytics, we constructed an outline of actionable changes that would increase conversions.

Upon reviewing the suggestions and assessing their appeal, IdentityForce commissioned UpTop to implement those changes in order to bolster sales, as well as augment the user experience and overall feel of the site.


HTML5, Analytics, CSS, JavaScript

What IdentityForce Was Starting With

Clean Design Through Careful Analysis  

UpTop leveraged multiple user behavior monitoring tools in addition to existing analytics sources to capture, assess, and improve the conversion value and user experience of IdentityForce’s website.

UpTop reviewed website content, marketing channels, and the sales funnel to validate transactional focus, consistency, and assess the usability of key user engagement scenarios via industry principles of User Centered Design (UCD). Based on the findings of our analysis, UpTop provided recommendations for improving the overall performance of the site from a UCD perspective.

UpTop designed and implemented the new landing page and purchase flow that launched February 2016.

The Results: Projected Growth, Lasting Collaboration  

Our early testing suggests we’ll see significant increases in conversion. UpTop continues to work with IdentityForce to monitor, analyze, and enhance the site to increase performance.

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