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Real Estate Website Redesign

Santa Barbara’s Leader in Real Estate

Suzanne Perkins is Santa Barbara’s preeminent real estate professional and represents some of the world’s most distinguished clientele. In 2007, Suzanne Perkins earned the accolade of being the #1 Agent worldwide for Sotheby’s International Realty, as well as the impressive status of the #1 Agent in the country out of 1.2 million total realtors. In 2012 Suzanne was once again named the #1 Agent in Sotheby’s Offices in Montecito, Santa Barbara, and Santa Ynez. The Wall Street Journal has recognized Suzanne on numerous occasions, and has consistently included her in the list of the Top 50 Real Estate Agents in the United States.

Project Info

Real Estate
Website Design Strategy, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Analytics, Front-end Development, SEO, Social Media Strategy & Implementation
“UpTop has been amazing. I would never go with another company.”
—  Suzanne Perkins, Real Estate Agent, Sotheby’s International Realty

Presentation is Key

Suzanne came to UpTop with a desire to design a website that successfully conveyed the unparalleled beauty of the Santa Barbara area, as well as the elegance of her high-end properties. The most critical challenge that we faced was how to best present Suzanne’s remarkable properties to potential buyers from around the world, completely through an online platform. To adequately display these properties and attract the correspondence of potential clients, it was critical to make the online experience as close as possible to seeing the listings in person. Additionally, the website needed to be attractive and intuitive enough to give it a competitive edge over those of her many competitors. Suzanne’s exceptional properties deserve and require an exceptional website, and we here at UpTop were up to the challenge.
Design evolution prior to UpTop


HTML5, Analytics, WordPress CMS, Bootstrap Framework, Open Graph, Google Maps API

An Exceptional Experience on Any Platform

UpTop designed Suzanne’s website with the goal of making the beauty of her featured listings the overarching focal point. We accomplished this by creating a clean, easy-to-navigate site that features large, high-resolution photos of the properties. In addition to static pictures, we created quick-loading slideshows of the images, coded the videos, and uploaded them to a Content Delivery Network. The site was developed to be responsive and optimized for mobile as well, which is a crucial component in remaining relevant to potential buyers searching for properties via smartphone or tablet. The finished product is a polished and intuitive experience that truly does justice to the beauty of Suzanne’s properties, regardless of the device through which it is accessed.

The Results: Lasting Performance and Recognition  

Partially as a result of this collaboration Suzanne has earned the respect and admiration of her distinguished local, national and international clientele, and she has consistently outperformed other agents in California as well as the entire United States.

Over the years, Suzanne’s inventory of high profile listings have included many famous and high-net worth clients, as well as Cojo and Jalama Ranch, the largest non-commercial property transaction in California history at $155 million.

For more information on our work with, please see our press release addressing both the real estate website redesign, and our longstanding relationship with one another.

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