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Utilize our development team to keep your project on schedule

Even with careful planning, projects often run into unexpected obstacles on their path to success. When your team has a rapidly approaching deadline but lacks the time, personnel, or expertise to guarantee completion, UpTop can help.

Our development team can accelerate and enhance your product development, build out product roadmaps and make sure that you have the resources you need to ship on time and within budget. Let UpTop give your team an added push across the finish line.
"We used UpTop to supplement our development team during a high visibility project. They quickly brought quality devs onto our team, who worked tirelessly to help us deliver our app on time and with great success. I'm constantly looking for upcoming projects where we can engage the team at UpTop again!"
– Software Engineering Manager, Belkin

Technologies We Work With:

  • Back-end: ASP.NET Core, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, Coldfusion/Lucee, Spring MVC
  • Full-stack: MEAN
  • Front-end: React, Angular
  • CMS/WCM: WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco
  • E-commerce: Woocommerce, Magento,
  • AbleCommerce Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native, Cordova Cloud: AWS, Azure
  • Languages: Coldfusion/Lucee, C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift
  • Engineering: Technology roadmaps, solution architecting, build tooling, serverless cloud solutions

Development Deliverables

Solution Specs, Diagrams & Schemas
We provide strategy and planning on architecture, stack and hosting considerations. We also build database diagrams, process flow diagrams, function documentation, and others.
Website & App Builds
Website and app builds are a large part of our typical deliverables. We have experience in  responsive, adaptive, native, hybrid, iOS, and Android.
Hosting & System Administration
From colocation data centers to cloud solutions, like AWS and Azure, we build out hosting environments. System Administration ranges from DNS, storage, load balancing, failover, security, firewalls and more.
We can do backend database work strictly. Our team has years of experience building and cleaning up existing databases.
API Builds & Integrations
APIs (application programming interface) are a common way for different systems to share data. Our teams not only use existing ones, but build new ones from scratch.
We run QA, load, browser, and device testing through the duration of the project. We are able to repeat these tests every time there are substantial changes in the codebase and architecture.

Development Case Studies

Here are the outputs from development work we have conducted for our clients and the fantastic results they've produced from them.
Vimocity's site works well in the great outdoors



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