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Market disruption begins with an idea, and we help you develop a plan and roadmap to turn those ideas into reality. Our envisioning workshops help you gather actionable insight from your entire team, aligning everyone behind a common goal, and unlocking opportunity for collaboration.

Our human-centered approach discovers obstacles in your path, unifies disparate ideas, and builds the user empathy your team needs to generate testable solutions to real-life problems.

When you need help translating an idea into a plan of action, we are your reliable partner.  
"Going through it all, they really challenged us to think differently about things and challenged us to ask - Are we going down a path of focusing on the customer and making sure we are getting the right outcomes out of this? -  I'm very pleased with the outcome and I'm looking forward to sharing this work internally with our business partners"
– Director of Product Management & CX, Premera Blue Cross

Key Benefits:

  • Internal alignment of key stakeholders on problem definition and vision
  • Unique, outside perspective that's not predisposed or constrained allowing for more creative solutions
  • Rapid idea generation from everyone involved including 10X thinking
  • Identifying customer moments of truth and craft these into into a single experience allowing for a tighter and more impactful story
  • A tangible experience via a high-fidelity prototype
  • A functional and technical roadmap based on design features

Workshop Deliverables

Problem Definition & Vision
Fixing the wrong problem can be more than just costly. It can set your team behind further than you were when you started. We want to help ensure you avoid that. Let's dig dipper into your product and users so we can clearly define the problem and vision. Then we get to work. 
Persona Definition
Persona's help us put a face to a use case. Understanding who the user is will be just as important as what they do when they interact with your product.
UX Research Review Summary
We review and analysis of quantitative vs. qualitative data, identifying problem areas, and making subsequent recommendations.
Experience Mapping
We explore the multiple steps taken by consumers as they engage with the digital experience or service. Allows the framing of the consumer’s motivations, emotions, and needs in each step of the journey, creating design solutions that are appropriate for each. This step often includes customer journey and UX flow maps.
Workshop Summary
We make sure to provide a summary of all workshop learnings and activities. We want to you head home from a workshop with the confidence in the roadmap of your product the UpTop team that is going to help you achieve it.
Wireframes are a rough concept for the layout of a digital experience that can be presented in low or mid–fidelity. They're an essential step to bringing your vision to life.
Visual Design
Once you have a solid user experience, it's time to focus attention on the visual design. We deliver hi-fidelity layered on top of the wireframes using imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience.
Prototypes Demo
We work to create simulated experiences with various tools and level of interaction, to test workflow and interactions with users to gather feedback and iterate throughout the design process. These can paper, InVision, Micro-Interactions, Keynote or a dev environment prototype.  
Technology Roadmap
We provide strategy and planning on architecture, stack and hosting considerations. We also build database diagrams, process flow diagrams, function documentation, and others.

Case Studies

Here are the outputs from workshops we have conducted for our clients and the fantastic results they've produced from them.

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