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UX Evaluations Give Your Users a Voice

You have a hard-working team, a valuable product, and happy customers. But you can’t escape the feeling that the results of your website should be better. Maybe your conversion rates aren't as high as they could be, users abandon forms, or buyers rarely return. No matter the issue, we help you improve your user experience so that you can improve bottom-line results.

Your users need you to listen. Whether they’re customers, job candidates, or employees we can help you make evidence-based decisions to improve their experience – and your results. By conducting thorough and varied methods of UX analysis, we uncover opportunities to innovate your user’s digital experience so you can differentiate from your competitors, provide more value to your target customers, and improve efficiencies within your business.

The result is a streamlined process for your team and a more valuable experience for your users. 
"I worked with the UpTop team for a Usability project on a global website. The work was thorough, detailed, insightful and very importantly, presented in a way that was actionable." 
– VP of Global Marketing, Colliers International

Key Benefits:

  • Establish a shared vision of success for your digital experience
  • Use data about your users' behavior to inform decisions affecting user experience
  • Measure a set of key performance indicators for your digital experience
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to dig deeper and find the real opportunities for impactful improvements
  • Roadmap to incorporate a data-driven design approach for continuous improvement

UX Evaluation Deliverables

Analytics Baseline
We work with clients to
make sure that tools and services
used throughout the engagement
are capturing relevant data,
monitoring user behavior, and
aligned to tracking analytics.
User Behavioral Monitoring
We use analytics tools that measure every aspect of user interaction to provide you with a clearer picture of what your users are doing by tracking what your users are looking at, interacting with or not.
Competitive Analysis
We can help you identify opportunities to innovate and set yourself apart, using detailed UX assessment and analysis of comparable products and services.
The key to understanding your users’ motivations is understand their point of view. We can lead you through the end-to-end process, determine the right questions to ask, when to ask them, and help you understand participants’ responses.
UX Research
From contextual inquiry and ethnographic research to rapid prototyping and usability testing, our team can help you develop a deeper understanding of your target users.
Heuristic Evaluation
Our UX team reviews your
experience to assess user
interaction strengths and
weaknesses. Then we create
a prioritized list of issues and
recommended fixes.
Content Strategy
Are your users finding what they need when they need? We’ll help you answer that question and identify an information architecture that works for you and your customers.
UX Recommendations
Utilizing the findings from our
research and analysis, our UX team
will produce a tailored solution
that fits your needs, addresses
your business goals and strategy.
We can help you create a more complete, comprehensive understanding of your users, and help you identify key performance indicators and actionable recommendations to improve your product.

Case Studies

Here are the stories from user experience evaluations we have conducted for our clients and the fantastic results they've produced from them.


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