UX Design Process

Discovery & Strategy
To ensure a successful partnership, we start each relationship by conducting research to fully understand your business goals. We then focus on learning about your customers, finding out who they are, how they interact with your product and what they need.
Ideation, Validation & Design
Letting our imaginations run loose, we generate a wide-variety of ideas and concepts to explore, validating potential solutions with end-users early and often to avoid going down the wrong path. We practice user-centered design and integrate industry best practices throughout each layer that will eventually define the user’s experience.
Design should flow seamlessly into and through the development process. Our detailed process and deliverables, as well as our close consultation with you, ensures that all designs are fully articulated during the development/testing phase.

Our Unique Approach

We bring velocity and perspective to your projects with our distinctive “outside in” approach. Unlike a traditional agency, we work alongside your teams like an embedded agency to inject fresh insights, expedite workflow, and keep your plans on target.

Our UX experts seamlessly extend the capabilities of your team with design thinking, our user-centered design process that adds value to your project, early and often. 
Let’s make awesome things, together.
Whether you are looking to create a new product or update an old design, we are here to assist you.
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