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Optimizing UX and eCommerce Functionality

The Largest Mattress Retailer in the U.S.

Mattress Firm, the largest mattress retailer in the U.S., was established in 1986 with the goal of becoming a different kind of mattress retailer. Through a strong focus on creating a unique shopping experience with a large selection of quality brand name bedding products, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable associates, Mattress Firm has emerged as the gold standard of its industry.

Mattress Firm first engaged UpTop with the goal of assessing their recently created website, and addressing any trouble spots or shortcomings that may be hindering conversions and overall user appeal. Throughout the 7 year relationship with Mattress Firm, UpTop helped to continually iterate their e-commerce digital experiences through user feedback, industry best practices, and visual updates. A few specific examples are an expansive Post Purchase UX audit and updating the entire checkout flow.

Project Info

Mattress Firm
Website Design Strategy, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Analytics, Front-end Development
Mobile and Desktop Experience
“One of the things that makes UpTop special is that we can go to them with any problem or task we have, and they’re always willing to figure out a way to solve it or get it done. They’ve delivered on every project beyond expectations.”
—  Director of Digital Development, Mattress Firm

Trouble Spots and Omissions

When Mattress Firm engaged UpTop, they were searching for a partner to help them design attractive and appealing pages on their newly-launched enterprise web platform, which we were able to accomplish through intuitive user experience design and acute attention to detail. Additionally, as part of the initial assessment (based on user research and best practices), UpTop surfaced several trouble spots with the website’s shopping cart flow as well as usability issues due to the absence of category landing pages.

UpTop Optimization and Redesign

While site migration was taking place, UpTop gradually began the work that had surfaced in the digital strategy phase of the project. This included the redesign of the site’s header, footer, main navigation bar, and homepage. It also included the creation of true category landing pages to support user browsing, and aid in product discoverability, which were missing from the initial design. Eventually, these smaller projects turned into a complete redesign of the shopping cart experience that addressed shoppers’ security concerns and simplified the overall checkout process. Through all of our redesign work, we created a sleek experience with a substantially more cohesive feel, and an experience more worthy of the Mattress Firm brand.

We collaborated closely with Mattress Firm on the project, and since that time UpTop and Mattress Firm have had a successful, on-going partnership, consistently working together on continuous site optimization and improvement of various e-commerce functionalities.


HTML5, Analytics, CSS, JavaScript

The Results: Overall Conversion Rate Nearly Doubled  

As a result of our redesign, Mattress Firm’s overall conversion rate increased by 43%, and shopping cart conversion rate alone improved by almost 60%.

From here, our relationship with Mattress Firm will continue to grow, especially as they will soon expand the scope of online work to include other recognizable brands under the Mattress Firm umbrella, including Mattress Pro, Sleep Train, and Sleep Country USA.
overall conversion rate increased
shopping cart conversion rate improved by

Post Purchase UX Audit

In the years after the initial work was done, Mattress Firm and UpTop kept a very close relationship. The UpTop UX team was asked to perform an audit of Mattress Firm’s post-purchase experience: everything that the user (customer) would experience after they clicked the “complete purchase” button in checkout for six different scenarios. Our research process used investigative methods including persona building, journey mapping, competitive analysis, feedback and sentiment review, usability testing, and mystery shopping.

UpTop delivered an extremely comprehensive audit that revealed the top priorities of these customers and made pointed suggestions on how to update, redesign, think about differently, and improve those priorities.

Full Checkout Redesign

With numbers not quite hitting the mark, UpTop took on revamping the entire checkout flow for the user. The goal was to make an information and choice dense process easier to understand and faster to get to purchase. As one-click checkout was entering the digital world, UpTop also suggested Mattress Firm add this to their checkout flow. With the flow updates, UX language adjustments, one-click purchasing addition, and visual changes Mattress Firm saw less cart abandonment, and a higher conversion rate. 

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