Our Approach

The intersection of design, technology & strategy

Often leaders face bottlenecks in their digital projects and need a fresh approach to unlock innovation. Our Guiding Principles and Experience Metrics align us with your team, and we apply Design Thinking to accelerate the delivery of exceptional Customer Experiences. 

Guiding Principles

Advance the User Experience
• Tell a great story
• Seize opportunities to innovate
• Make easy to use
• Provide delightful interactions
Increase Engagement
• Connect experience with customer
• Build partnership with client
• Improve content effectiveness
Add Value
• Bring a different perspective
• Adapt to our client’s needs
• Generate velocity
Focus on Results
•  Define business goals
•  Create strategic blueprint
•  Provide actionable insights
•  Validate throughout
Learn and Improve
•  Integrate analytics
•  Collect client feedback
•  Evaluate internal processes
94% of clients hire UpTop for multiple projects
after their initial engagement
"UpTop can expand and contract with better velocity than any other vendor I’ve ever worked with"
Sr. Business Program Manager, Microsoft
"At the end of the day UpTop just rose to the top. They had the capabilities and mindset we were looking for"
CTO, vXchnge
“They’ve delivered on every project beyond expectations.”
Director of Digital Development, Mattress Firm

Experience Metrics

Ease of Use
Simple and clear interface
Minimal cognitive load
Transparent Interactions
Lightweight and fast
User fulfillment
Goals completed
Frictionless task completion
Short time to complete
Clear system feedback 
Visual Aesthetic
Consistent visual language
Branded experience
Timeless, not trendy
Easy on-boarding
Progressive disclosure

Design Thinking Playbook

UpTop’s guide to getting started with a design thinking workshop