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UpTop is a UX design and development agency. We design and engineer frictionless experiences for mobile and web applications, transactional websites, business intelligence solutions, and more.

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Using discovery, mapping, workshops and various analytical techniques, UpTop provides detailed roadmaps for success.

- Design Thinking
- Ideation/Envisioning
- Digital Strategy
- Journey Mapping
- Program Management
- Content Creation
- Legacy System Management
Once clear on strategic goals, our design team will help you evaluate, research and optimize your user experience.

- UX Design
- UX Evaluations
- Design Sprint
- Conversational Interfaces
- Visual Design
- UX Research
- Prototypes
Our team will accelerate and enhance your product's development, providing resources, expertise and partnership.

- Self-Service Experiences
- Websites
- Custom Applications
- Mobile Applications
- eCommerce
- Portals/Communities
- Database Development
- API Integration

Key Services

UX Evaluation

Whether it's increasing conversions, boosting revenue, or driving retention, our team can help you solve the user experience problems stifling your results. We conduct thorough UX evaluations using varied methods of UX analysis and uncover opportunities to innovate your user's digital experience.

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is an iterative process where analyzing, understanding and leveraging the user experience drives teams to examine available problem-solving solutions, and apply them where applicable. Assumptions are consistently challenged, often leading to alternate, strategic paths not initially apparent. UpTop is a firm believer and practitioner in Design Thinking.   

Ideation/Envisioning Workshop

Using envisioning workshops to assist team ideation helps gather actionable insights from your entire team, aligning everyone behind a common goal, and unlocking opportunity for collaboration. Our human-centered approach discovers obstacles in your path, unifies disparate ideas, and builds the user empathy your team needs to generate solutions to real-life problems. When you need help translating an idea into a plan of action, UpTop is your reliable partner.

Journey Mapping Workshop

Journey mapping is the process of creating a visual representation of every interaction or experience your customers have with your brand. It allows you to see your brand from the customers’ perspective so you can design a UX that builds trust and increases conversion. UpTop is experienced at creating customer-specific journey maps and helping you leverage the results.
"One of the things that makes UpTop special is that we can go to them with any problem or task we have, and they’re always willing to figure out a way to solve it or get it done. They’ve delivered on every project beyond expectations."
– Director of Digital Development, Mattress Firm

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