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Assess Your Digital Experience
Assess Your Digital Experience
You have a hard-working team, a valuable product, and happy customers. But you can’t escape the feeling that the results of your website should be better. Maybe your conversion rates aren't as high as they could be, users abandon forms, or buyers rarely return. No matter the issue, we help you improve user experience, so you can improve bottom-line results.

UpTop's UX Assessment gives your users a voice.  Whether they’re customers, job candidates, or employees we can help you make evidence-based decisions to improve their experience – and your results. By conducting thorough and varied methods of UX analysis, we uncover opportunities to innovate your user’s digital experience so you can differentiate from your competitors, provide more value to your target customers, and improve efficiencies within your business.

The result is a streamlined process for your team and a more valuable experience for your users.   

Key Benefits:

  • Establish a shared vision of success for your digital experience
  • Use data about your users' behavior to inform decisions affecting user experience
  • Measure a set of key performance indicators for your digital experience
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to dig deeper and find the real opportunities for impactful improvements
  • Roadmap to incorporate a data-driven design approach for continuous improvement
Bring Clarity to Your Idea
Bring Clarity to Your Idea
Market disruption begins with an idea and we help you develop a plan to turn those ideas into reality. Our envisioning workshops help you gather actionable insight from your entire team, aligning everyone behind a common goal, and unlocking opportunity for collaboration. Our human-centered approach discovers obstacles in your path, unifies disparate ideas, and builds the user empathy your team needs to generate testable solutions to real life problems.

When you need help translating an idea into a plan of action, we are the partner you can rely on.  

Key Benefits:

  • Internal alignment of key stakeholders on problem definition and vision
  • Unique, outside perspective that's not predisposed or constrained allowing for more creative solutions
  • Rapid idea generation from everyone involved including 10X thinking
  • Identifying customer moments of truth and craft these into into a single experience allowing for a tighter and more impactful story
  • A tangible experience via a high-fidelity prototype 
  • A functional and technical roadmap based on design features
Seize the Opportunity to Innovate
Seize the Opportunity to Innovate
To innovate, you need an idea that inspires, data that backs it up, and a plan to make it happen. UpTop’s user experience design team will help you optimize, ideate, and execution your vision; your perfect partner for making change happen. No problem is too complex, opportunity too aspirational, or project too unwieldy. We can help unlock your team’s ability to transform a spark of innovation into a product that customers love.

When we serve as your partner in driving change, we provide the research, expertise, and enthusiasm you need to propel your business forward.  

Key Benefits:

  • Actionable insights gathered from our lean UX research methods
  • Strategy planning based on synthesizing data, research, and insights during discovery  
  • Product roadmap and sprint planning
  • Design ideation of product concepts and features that are highly feasible and map back to development releases
  • Bridging design and development, in any situation, making for a efficient handoff
Meet Your Deadline
Meet Your Deadline
Even with careful planning, projects often run into unexpected obstacles on their path to success. When your team has a rapidly approaching deadline but lacks the time, personnel, or expertise to guarantee completion, UpTop can help. Our development team can accelerate and enhance your product development, to make sure that you have the resources you need to ship on time and on budget.

Let UpTop give your team an added push across the finish line.  

Technologies We Work With: 

  • Back-end: ASP.NET Core, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, Coldfusion/Lucee, Spring MVC
  • Full-stack: MEAN
  • Front-end: React, Angular
  • CMS/WCM: WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco
  • E-commerce: Woocommerce, Magento, AbleCommerce 
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native, Cordova
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure
  • Languages: Coldfusion/Lucee, C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift
  • Engineering: Technology roadmaps, solution architecting, build tooling, serverless cloud solutions

Let's make awesome things, together. 

Whether you are looking to create a new product or update an old design, we are here to assist you.