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User research, strategy, design & development

User Experience Design
User experience design improves the usability of digital interactions by making them more intuitive to the end user. In combination with user research techniques, we design and develop attractive, easy to use websites, intranets, mobile applications and more.
From conception and strategy to design and deployment, we work with you to create an online solution to your business problems. Our in-house development experience includes Java, Magento, WordPress, React/Angular, Python, LAMP, Ruby, ASP.NET Core, ColdFusion, iOS, Android and more.
UX Consulting & Design Strategy
User experience is more than just design, it’s a strategy. Whether you’re looking to refresh an outdated application or design an entirely new product, we’re here to help.

User Experience Design

UpTop services begin by understanding your business goals and needs. From concept to deployment, the business-critical insights that we glean from user research will ensure consistency across your marketing, design and product strategies.

This user-centered approach to design seeks to bridge the gap between your users and how they interact with your website, application or dashboard. Even the most sophisticated designs will fail if they lack usability.

On each project, we take into account the best practices across a variety of fields such as user research, design strategy, visual design, development and conversion rate optimization and analysis.

UX Design

  • UX Research
  • Concept & Envisioning
  • Mobile Applications
  • Responsive Design
  • Analytics & Evaluation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


We design and build web-based software applications, mobile apps, intranets, portals and more for new or existing digital products and platforms.

With over 17 years of experience in developing digital solutions, we have achieved deep industry knowledge and distinct, unique assets that assist in driving online revenue for our clients. Our broad set of in-house skills include Java, Magento, WordPress, React/Angular, Python, LAMP, Ruby, ASP.NET Core, ColdFusion, iOS, Android and more.

In order to stay efficient throughout the scope of a project, we utilize an AGILE approach to project management. This allows us to focus on continuous improvement, scope flexibility, communication via team input, and the delivery of quality products.


  • Mobile development for iOS & Android
  • Custom Application Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • eCommerce
  • Systems Integration
  • Database Development

UX Consulting & Design Strategy

While the creation and execution of design work sits under the ‘user experience’ umbrella, it is the strategic work that allows for the streamlining, refining and optimizing of a particular user experience.

At UpTop, our UX professionals lend their expertise and deep understanding of customers to our client organizations at a strategic level. In other words, our user experience consulting and design strategy services help business leaders define and refine corporate goals, create product roadmaps, research, identify and test for a list of required features and identify user goals.

UX is more than just execution and implementation. Let UpTop help you think about your company’s customer strategy.


  • Technology Consulting
  • Design Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development