Congratulations to Belkin for Linksys Velop Success

UpTop would like to sincerely congratulate Belkin and its Linksys® brand for the recent overwhelming critical success of their new Velop™ Whole Home Wi-Fi system. This critical success includes winning the coveted Best of CES 2017 in the Networking Products category from PC Magazine™, among others.

Velop™ is the type of “user first” product that UpTop appreciates and it reflects the same obsession with design and user experience that is deeply rooted in UpTop’s approach to work. Users of the Velop system will enjoy much more of their bandwidth than with conventional Wi-Fi routers after the simple and easy setup process using the Linksys® mobile app. The “nodes”, the individual pieces of hardware that make up a Velop’s mesh network, are aesthetically pleasing and designed to be placed out in the open as opposed to hidden somewhere. The Linksys Smart WiFi™ cloud allows secure remote access to monitor and manage a network, and conveniently requires no separate configuration after setup.

Not only does UpTop share the city of Seattle with Belkin’s Linksys® application development team, but they also recently shared some of their developers while working on their user sign-up and device discovery process. Three full-stack developers rolled up their sleeves to add velocity to help hit the CES deadline.

Jon Edwards, one of UpTop’s Development Team Leads, said of the project that it was “challenging and rewarding. There was no room for compromises despite the close deadline; the work just had to get done.”

The project was particularly interesting for the UpTop team because it involved integrating the Velop™ hardware’s firmware, Linksys’s Linksys Smart WiFi™ cloud, the mobile device (iOS or Android), and the application itself (available from the Apple App Store™ and the Google Play store). In order to prepare for the relatively uncommon technology stack, UpTop’s developers spent time getting familiar with the technologies before beginning the engagement this past summer.