Tackling the IT Talent Deficit With Strategic Resourcing

One of the most pressing challenges for businesses—from small and mid-sized to the Fortune 500—is a dire lack of talent in the IT field. Organizations in every industry are experiencing a severe hiring crunch as they attempt to fill crucial technical positions. In fact, in a recent survey of IT leaders conducted by InformationWeek, 88 percent of respondents from companies with more than 1,000 employees indicated that they had IT talent shortages in one or more areas of technology that are critical to their business.

IT Talent Shortages and Common Sourcing Pitfalls

The talent shortage is essentially a two-fold. First, for businesses looking to expand their IT departments or add new positions, hiring quality employees can be extremely difficult. Even when a company identifies a quality candidate, it may be competing with tech giants like Google or Facebook for that individual and may not be able to match what those larger companies offer, both in terms of salary and other perks. In those cases, businesses must target less experienced candidates and may still have to overpay because competition is stiff.

The second issue is that even if an organization currently has all of the IT personnel it needs, retaining that talent can be extremely challenging. Quality IT professionals are in high demand, meaning that competitors are constantly looking to poach those individuals. When employees jump to competitors—or even to a different industry entirely—a costly domino effect ensues.

The organization must first devote resources towards identifying candidates to replace the department employee and then offer a competitive compensation package to lure the candidate (according to Payscale.com, the average senior IT project manager makes approximately $106,000 per year). And last, an organization typically has to wait for weeks or months during the onboarding process as the new hire gets up to speed with the organization’s operations and objectives.

But mission-critical projects like website redesigns, application development or CMS construction can’t be delayed or ignored, so companies must find a way to access the expertise necessary to complete these crucial tasks. So what options do businesses have with regard to filling IT positions for both the short- and long-term? How can they make the best use of their IT budgets?

Making the Most of Your IT Budget – How We Help with Resourcing

One of the most effective ways we have helped our clients tackle the IT talent gap is by providing strategic resourcing for crucial projects. Rather than having to conduct a search over the course of weeks or months to onboard the necessary personnel, we drill down on exactly what skills our clients need to complete the job and provide staffers—remotely or onsite if necessary—that possess that expertise.

Our strategic resourcing can also act as a bridge for clients who are looking to fill full-time employee roles or can function as a resource to be tapped whenever an important project arises. We understand that every project and line of business is different, so we look at each project’s requirements individually rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Furthermore, in addition to working with our clients’ in-house employees, the staffers we provide can also consult our in-house experts to ensure every project is tackled with maximum efficiency.

Our strategic resourcing services provide businesses assistance in areas of technology such as:

  • General IT consulting
  • UX design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • User research
  • Visual design

If your organization has been struggling to identify and onboard IT talent you are far from alone.

Unfortunately, considering how rapidly technology is evolving today and its growing importance to businesses of all sizes across nearly every vertical, the talent shortage will likely get worse before it gets better.

The truth is that rectifying the issue will likely require changes in our educational system and even if those modifications were enacted tomorrow, we might not see any significant results for an entire generation. Of course, we understand that our clients need help on mission-critical projects in weeks or even days—not a generation from now.

Strategic resourcing can be an extremely effective way to tackle the technology talent shortage in a cost-effective, timely manner. So if your company is preparing to build and launch a new desktop or mobile app; redesign your website; or create a new employee intranet but don’t have the complete range of expertise necessary in-house, consider taking a non-traditional approach to locating the talent you need.

You might just like what you find.