Warren Miller Entertainment

Created a web experience that matched the quality of their live events

Leveraging The Power of an Audience

By leveraging the value of their audience to advertisers and marketers, Warren Miller was able to grow sponsorship and vastly increase the engagement of their digital experience. 

Warren Miller Entertainment is the world’s most respected name in action sports cinematography and has been capturing the best of winter sports since 1949. Today, Warren Miller Entertainment is a highly marketable media property with an increasingly wide range of fans and admirers. The ski and snowboard enthusiasts that attend and purchase Warren Miller films represent a substantial chunk of the target market for winter sports equipment and apparel, a perennially powerful demographic. Through storied heritage and unparalleled production, Warren Miller has carved out an untouchable niche for itself within the sports cinematography world and continues to grow in popularity and respect with every passing day.

Project Info

Web Portal
Sports Entertainment 
User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, System Administrators, Application Development, Database Development, Hosting, Maintenance

Utilizing the Latest Technology to Engage Users

UpTop’s challenge was to help Warren Miller Entertainment leverage the value of its audience to the marketers that sponsor its films and make their website more engaging for their visitors.

First, UpTop took on redesigning the Warren Miller Entertainment website with an emphasis on social interaction, music, and video to engage users and increase traffic. Warren Miller wanted their fans to be able to: 
  • Watch the trailer of the current Warren Miller film
  • Learn more about the athletes featured in the various segments of the film
  • Purchase the soundtracks from films via iTunes
  • Buy tickets to current Warren Miller films
  • Learn when the film will be showing in their area
  • Purchase Warren Miller apparel
  • Join the “Street Team” to promote Warren Miller Entertainment events
  • Learn about WME-sponsored contests and other events Read press information about Warren Miller Entertainment Learn about WME-sponsored contests and other events

Technologies Used

ColdFusion, CSS/HTML

Connecting Sponsors to Consumers through Intuitive Design

UpTop developed a coupon tool (wmecoupons.com) that helps connect sponsors with receptive consumers.

A ticket holder could enter a special code from their movie ticket to view exclusive opportunities on the website presented by the movie’s sponsors. These opportunities were targeted to the ticket holder based on the geographic location of the film that the ticket holder had attended.

Uptop also built out a corresponding database that keeps track of which offers the ticket holder responds to and which are ignored. This gives Warren Miller Entertainment and its sponsors' valuable marketing intelligence and informs Warren Miller fans about products, services and promotions that are likely to be highly relevant to them.

UpTop provided the environment and engine to allow:
Both Warren Miller Entertainment and their sponsors benefit from:
  • 24/7 self-serve promotions
  • The creation of a targeted customer database
  • Control and administration of regional promotions
  • Tracking and reporting of coupon usage
  • Management of partner/franchise activity
  • User data and coupon usage that is acquired, stored, tracked and reportable
  • Granular control of promotional offers
  • Simplified management of coupon accounting, even unified barcode tracking
  • Plug and play promotional tool customized to their specifications

Promoting both Warren Miller projects as well as their great partners.

Some highlights include:

(REI, LL Bean, Helly Hansen, K2, Steamboat Resort, Crested Bute Resort etc)
Redemption of offers by registrants
Registered Users

An Integrated Solution That Benefited All

Not only did the Website receive the massive update, but the integrated coupon program results were also even more outstanding. Thousands of users participated daily in the coupon program over the release of the initial project and many subsequent Warren Miller films; such as Children of Winter, Higher Ground, Impact and Playground. UpTop created a toolset for the client that enabled them to create, customize, monitor and track their promotions, while the sponsors could see real-time data of which promotions were demonstrating results, and ads were shown to users extremely likely to be relevant – after being driven to the Website.

The relationship extended well over a decade and while UpTop no longer plays a role, both sites are alive and well today because the concepts implemented were beneficial to the client, their sponsors, and their users.

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