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Roadmap your product design to ensure your chance to innovate doesn't fall short

To innovate, you need an idea that inspires, data that backs it up, and a plan to make it happen. UpTop’s user experience design team will help you optimize, ideate, and execution your vision; your perfect partner for making change happen. No problem is too complex, an opportunity too aspirational, or project too unwieldy.

We can help unlock your team’s ability to transform a spark of innovation into a product that customers love. When we serve as your partner in driving change, we provide the research, expertise, and enthusiasm you need to propel your business forward.
"They demonstrated a high level of flexibility as our product matured during the development cycle, and delivered a solution that addressed the emerging issues of our end users"
– Director of Business Development, Vimocity

Key Benefits:

  • Actionable insights gathered from our lean UX research methods
  • Strategy planning based on synthesizing data, research, and insights during discovery
  • Product roadmap and sprint planning
  • Design ideation of product concepts and features that are highly feasible and map back to development releases
  • Bridging design and development, in any situation, making for a efficient handoff

User Experience Design Deliverables

UX Research
From contextual inquiry and ethnographic research to rapid prototyping and usability testing, our team can help you develop a deeper understanding of your target users.
Information Architecture
Putting together an architecture allows you to have a structural design of shared information environments such as a site or screen map to support the usability and discoverability for its intended user group.
User Task Flows & Stories
A workflow diagram (or activity diagram) is a graphical representation of activities and actions conducted by users of a system. We use this output to describe the possible routes in which the user goals can be achieved to complete tasks within the product or application.
Usability Testing
Your users are your voice of reason. We sit users in front of your design or prototype and ask them to perform tasks, and to think out loud while doing so to identify potential areas for improvement.
Story Boarding
We put together a storyboard of your user's experience your product. The output includes a visual sequence of events used to capture a user’s interactions.
Content Strategy
Are your users finding what they need when they need? We’ll help you answer that question and identify an information architecture that works for you and your customers.
Wire Frames
Wireframes are a rough concept for the layout of a digital experience that can be presented in low or mid–fidelity. They're an essential step to bringing your vision to life.
We work to create simulated experiences with various tools and level of interaction, to test workflow and interactions with users to gather feedback and iterate throughout the design process. These can paper, InVision, Micro-Interactions, Keynote or a dev environment prototype. 
Visual Design
Once you have a solid user experience, it's time to focus attention on the visual design. We deliver hi-fidelity layered on top of the wireframes using imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience.

Case Studies

Here are the outputs from design work we have conducted for our clients and the fantastic results they've produced from them.

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