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A Global Leader and Industry Provider

Airbiquity is a global leader in vehicle telematics, geo-fencing, and connected car systems, with more than four million connected vehicles on the road. Airbiquity provides intelligent software solutions for carmakers such as Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota, and is constantly changing the status quo of the industry through their relentless creativity and innovation. Over six million vehicles connect to their Choreo platform every day, which reliably powers hundreds of millions of vehicle transactions a month in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to Airbiquity’s open architecture and configurable platform services, their design-driven and customer-centric approach has made them a gold plated staple in the world of vehicular telematics and connectivity.

Project Info

Application, Mobile App
Website Design Strategy, User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Research, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Heuristics
UpTop Airbiquity Samsung Galaxy app

Evolving Needs  

Airbiquity already had connected car software products before engaging us here at UpTop, but they wanted their integrated vehicle interfaces to have the ability to connect to a mobile application, ideally via drivers’ smartphones. We assisted in the realization of this goal, and from this project onward UpTop’s role with Airbiquity has continually changed and morphed into a longstanding creative relationship.

Today, the project has evolved into the UpTop team designing interactive and fully connected interfaces for car dashboards, to work in conjunction with Airbiquity’s interactive platform. The dashboard apps can connect to drivers’ phones, or to the Internet directly without the necessity for a cellular connection. Through our collaboration, we ensured an attractive and intuitive experience for the countless users who have come to expect exactly that from Airbiquity.


HTML, Android, CSS, JavaScript, .NET

Evolving Solutions  

As part of our ongoing relationship with our client, UpTop partnered with Airbiquity to design and develop experiences and prototypes for a number of consumer-facing applications that run on automotive head displays.

UpTop’s role in this particular project was to expand the “connected vehicle” concept to include user-facing telemetry data and insights into driving behavior, in addition to the apps that are already present on screen. The proof of concept application was completely built, and is working as a showcase for the capabilities of our partner.

Additionally, UpTop has worked with Airbiquity on the following initiatives:
  • Fleet Management Portal
  • Head Unit Prototyping and Design
  • Mobile App Proof of Concept for the “Intelligent Vehicle”
  • VDSM – Vehicle Software + Data Management System

The Results: A Lasting and Successful Relationship  

Our relationship with Airbiquity has been ongoing for several years and has yielded many successful projects, most of which are under a non-disclosure agreement. We continue to work with Airbiquity, and always enjoy assisting with any and all UX design and development challenges they encounter along the way.

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